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Williams Pipeline

About the Proposed Pipeline

Williams Transco has proposed a 23.4-mile pipeline project to expand its existing Transco transmission system to transport natural gas from the Marcellus Shale region through Raritan Bay to New York. If built, the pipeline will disrupt YOUR fishing, boating. and recreational activities! Construction of the pipeline would also disturb habitat for clams, horseshoe crabs, fish, and other marine animals. This is a step backwards for our energy policy and the environment by committing the region to more fossil fuel infrastructure projects that may be unnecessary or make it more difficult for renewables to enter the market.

More information: 

Williams Transco’s description of the pipeline expansion project. 

NY/NJ Baykeeper’s public scoping meeting testimony. 



Williams has filed their application proposal that consists of a 23.4 mile pipeline from Old Bridge, NJ to Rockaway, NY.   At this stage, all impacted residents, organizations & township officials are welcome to file as Intervenors to be able to participate in this process.

Becoming an intervenor alerts FERC to your opposition and gives you legal standing in this proceeding.  FERC needs to address any future comments you send about this project if you are an intervenor.  If you are not registered as an Intervenor, your concerns may not be heard, & FERC can ignore your comments.

FERC, other agencies, politicians and even financial analysts look at the number of Intervenors to gauge opposition to the project.  As an Intervenor, you will have no further obligations, cannot be sued, and do not need an attorney.



Docket Number:  CP17-101

Who should file to be an intervenor?

  • individuals who live near proposed sites or who have concerns about the project’s impact on them, their business, their community &/or the environment
  • non-governmental grassroots groups
  • local or state environmental groups
  • municipal agencies/departments

Once an Application is filed with FERC by Williams/Transco, FERC will then issue a “Notice of Application”.  You will have 21 calendar days (or another designated time period) to file a motion to be an intervenor after FERC posts their Notice of Application.  NOTE:  However, you can file a motion to be an intervenor after the CP docket number is issued (3/27/17). A second opportunity to file to be an Intervenor occurs after the issuance of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).  The DEIS should appear approximately 90 days after the Notice of Application.

What is an intervenor?

An intervenor is someone who has decided to be a formal participant in the application phase of the FERC proceedings.  Filing for intervenor status does not force you to ever intervene.  It just allows you the opportunity to do so if the need arises.  Any individual or group who feels they are impacted by the project can be an intervenor.  As an intervenor, you will receive Williams/Transco’s filings and other Commission (FERC) documents related to this project as well as materials filed by other intervening parties.  Intervenors have the right to:

  • participate in hearings before FERC’s Administrative Law Judges
  • file briefs
  • file for rehearing of FERC decisions
  • have legal standing in a Court of Appeals if you challenge FERC’s final decision
  • be placed on a Service List to receive copies of case-related FERC documents & filings by other intervenors

As an intervenor, you also have responsibilities including that you are required to submit whatever comments or documents you submit to FERC to the “service list” which is the list of all other parties who have signed up at the time of your submission.  This is explained later.

NOTE:  The more Intervenors there are, the better.  FERC reports the number of Intervenors, and this could be an influence that shows the level of opposition to the project.  Intervening is a declaration that you are an interested party & want legal standing.  People in neighboring communities should file to be intervenors since the planned project can shift for a multitude of reasons, and they might become more closely impacted with changed plans.

Why is it important to register as an Intervenor?

FERC & Williams/Transco do not need to respond to comments by individuals who are not Intervenors after the filing of the Application.  They are only obliged to consider the comments.

FERC & Williams/Transco do need to respond to postings by Intervenors.

Municipal authorities as well as concerned individuals and groups will have no legal rights in this process if they are not registered as Intervenors.

Note:  Comments that have been posted to Docket No. PF16-5 are not carried over once the Application is filed (3/27/17). They need to be re-submitted under the CP17-101 docket number once this is issued for NESE by FERC.



In accordance with the requirements of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedures (18 CFR §385.214 or 385.211) and the Regulations under the Natural Gas Act (18 CFR 157.10), I hereby move to intervene in the proceeding for Docket No. CP17-101.   I seek to intervene in opposition to the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project proposed by Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Company, LLC (Transco), a wholly owned subsidiary of Williams Partners L.P.  I have stakeholder interest as a contributing taxpayer in (list your town) and the State of New Jersey, and my personal and public interests, which may be directly affected by the outcome of the proceedings, are also as follows:

Add what applies to you.  See samples below; cut and paste, and add other pertinent details to document that you could be directly impacted by this project.

I am a resident of (list your town) and have concerns about the proposed project’s impact to my quality of life as well as my community’s health and safety, drinking water, air quality, and property values.  These are threatened by the potential for an explosion, due to human error or equipment malfunction, along with constant noise and emissions of toxic chemicals (that increase during blowdowns), and the impact from construction and operation of a compressor station on wildlife, environmental resource and vegetation in my area.

I am a member of one of the identified Environmental Justice groups in close proximity to the site for the proposed compressor station.  In addition to my significant concerns that stem from the impact of noise, toxic emissions and potential dangers from fires or explosions, my quality of life and that of the surrounding environment would be significantly impacted by this project if constructed.  Along with me, my family and my community would not benefit from the construction of this proposed compressor station, and my community will bear a disproportionate amount of the burden in terms of air quality, noise, potential danger and the reliance on emergency responders in case of an emergency.

I am a directly impacted landowner, and my property abuts the proposed site for the compressor station.  My home is vulnerable to structural damage during construction as well as the ongoing and potential hazards if the project is completed.  My health and safety, along with that of my family, is vulnerable to the noise during construction and constant noise during operations, toxic emissions, and potential for fire or explosions at the compressor station.

I am directly impacted by the proposed project since my residence is ** mile from the site of the proposed compressor station.  It is vulnerable to structural damage during construction as well as the ongoing and potential hazards if the project is completed.  My health and safety, along with that of my family, is vulnerable to the noise during construction and constant noise during operations, toxic emissions, and potential for fire or explosions at the compressor station.

I am a business owner in the area of the proposed compressor station, and with interest in future business opportunities and community safety, my public and personal interests are at stake in this project.

I enjoy the out-of-doors and do not want any State or town public parks, open space acreage, forests or trails, which have been set aside for the people and wildlife at the expense of local taxpayers, to be impacted by any activities of this commercial proposed project.  The noise, toxic emissions, potential catastrophic explosions or fires during construction as well as during operation would impact the health and safety of people, wildlife and vegetation in the area surrounding the proposed compressor station.


I respectfully request to be permitted to intervene in and be treated as a party to his proceeding with all rights appropriate to that status.