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Take the #NoStrawNovember Challenge!

Take the #NoStrawNovember Challenge!

Did you know Americans use 500 plastic straws PER DAY?! Straws have become an unnecessary yet standard component of our lifestyle, but they are wreaking havoc on our environment. Straws litter our beaches, parks, and storm drains. Litter is discharged into our local waterways when it rains, where plastic will never biodegrade. Fish and bird species mistake plastics for food, often resulting in entanglement and starvation. (In 2015, researchers filmed a sea turtle relieved from a straw lodged in its nose.)

Protect our waterways and marine life by avoiding single-use throwaway items and opting for sustainable, reusable products instead!

How to take the #NoStrawNovember Challenge!

  1. SKIP THE STRAW. Say, “no straw please” when ordering a drink.
  2. CHALLENGE. Contact the manager of your frequented food service establishments and ask them if they would be willing to only provide straws upon request. Contact Sandra at to sign up to be a Straw Free Ambassador.
  3. BYOS. Yes, it’s a thing. Click here for alternatives to plastic.
  4. SPREAD THE WORD! Use the hashtag #nostrawnovember and tag @nynjbaykeeper on social media.
  5. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Text “strawfree” to 732-416-7332.