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Save Liberty State Park from Commercialization Threats

Save Liberty State Park from Commercialization Threats
Liberty State Park’s public open space is threatened once again.

As the Christie administration heads out the door, The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) is moving forward with a backroom secret lease for a second massive private marina on Liberty State Park property. This Southside marina is a major threat to the public’s access to the precious waterfront open space and open harbor vistas that this park provides. The construction of a “Millionaire’s Marina” along the park’s non-commercial Southside will severely harm its use by families who treasure this area right behind Lady Liberty as their backyard for picnics, barbecues, exercising, kayaking and fishing. A new private marina will also result in a tremendous loss of public parking and also land for marina facilities.

New Jerseyans refuse to allow public lands to fall into the hands of private interests without a fair and open public process.

 Please contact NJDEP at 609-292-2995 or and urge them to schedule public hearings at LSP after January 1st and only on Saturdays to maximize substantive public input. All commercial development decisions concerning the park must have a broad public consensus!

Friends of LSP battle webpage with news links and bullet points

What is at stake:
Liberty State Park is the priceless, free and green park behind Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. LSP is peaceful, scarce urban open space in one of our nation’s most densely populated regions. It sees millions of visitors each year and is jam-packed on warm weekends year-round.
For forty years, overwhelming public consensus has consistently rejected exactly these kinds of privatization proposals. Thanks to YOU, LSP will remain a People’s Park!
Check out the op-ed written by Greg Remaud and Sam Pesin here! 
Don’t Let Christie Fence you out of Liberty State Park Before he Leaves Office! 
NJDEP recently issued an RFP for the Caven Point marina. All proposals are due by December 22nd. Once we know the outcome of the RFP, we will inform about the proposal and how to comment. To view our comments to NJDEP, click here.