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People’s Victory! YOU Saved LSP!

People’s Victory! YOU Saved LSP!
VICTORY! Because of YOU, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection announced that they are ABANDONING Liberty State Park privatization plans! Thank you to the Friends of Liberty State Park, Mayor Steven Fulop, Hudson County elected officials, and all those who fought to keep our open space free and green! Your voices were heard!
What was at stake:
Liberty State Park is the priceless, free and green park behind Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. LSP is peaceful, scarce urban open space in one of our nation’s most densely populated regions. It sees millions of visitors each year and is jam-packed on warm weekends year-round.
But Governor Christie wanted to change all that by leasing parkland to developers for large-scale projects including a hotel, an amusement park, a commercial amphitheater, and more. Instead of playing in the park, he wanted you to have to pay in the park. A report released by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) unveiled this development wish list that would have privatized key areas of Liberty State Park, all otherwise known as a smack in the face to Lady Liberty!
For forty years, overwhelming public consensus has consistently rejected exactly these kinds of privatization proposals. Thanks to YOU, LSP will remain a People’s Park!
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