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Preventing Plastic Pollution

For every 3 pounds of fish, there will be 1 pound of plastic in 10 years IF we keep up our current rate of plastic consumption! (Ocean Conservancy)

At least 165 million pieces of plastic are floating in NY-NJ Harbor waters, according to our research results. Check out our NY-NJ Harbor Estuary Plastic Collection Report!  Click here to learn about the plastic research our partners are conducting.


Click here to learn about NYC’s Bring Your Own Bag Law effort.

Change starts with you: Stop Using Single-Use, “Throwaway” Plastic Products! Click here for tips and alternatives. 


To learn how plastic microbeads in our personal care products are polluting our waterways, click here. 

Check out NY/NJ Baykeeper’s Plastic- Free Product Guide Here for plastic-free products. When in doubt, polyethylene or polypropylene on the product’s label signifies plastic.