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Crude Oil by Rail


Ever notice black rail cars traveling through your neighborhood or idling along the Turnpike? These trains are likely carrying highly flammable Bakken crude oil through highly densely populated areas in New York and New Jersey. Due to lax regulations and lack of transparency, these oil trains put our communities and waterways at risk.

NY/NJ Baykeeper contributed to a Waterkeeper Alliance report concerning rail infrastructure, released November 2015. Click  here to view the report. The good news is that the report is already causing change. Click here to learn how. 

To better protect NJ’s emergency responders and the greater public, we requested the train routes and carried volumes from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection. However, they claim they are unable to release the information due to security issues.

We’ve seen far too many derailments to take this issue lightly, so we’re working on:

  • Working with a formed coalition of regional partners
  • Demanding transparency from the Office of Emergency Management, the Governor’s office, and NJ Department of Transportation
  • Educating the public about the risks and how they can take action

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