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Clean Water

Clean water

Everyone deserves a clean and safe local waterway. Due to polluted stormwater runoff and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs), our Estuary’s waters experience high levels of bacteria that make swimming unsafe.

Check out your beach’s water quality at or before you head out. To report suspicious water quality, call us at 732-888-9870.

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2016 Raritan Bay Water Quality Testing

NY/NJ Baykeeper received a grant from the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary Program to test 9 sites along the NJ Bayshore for pathogen indicators throughout the summer of 2016.

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June 13th: All sites were negative for pathogens.
June 20th: All sites were negative for pathogens.
June 27th:  All sites were negative EXCEPT for Cliffwood Beach which was 31 MPN/100ml, Paul’s Beach in Old Bridge which was 10 MPN/100ml, and 35th Street Bridge in Perth Amboy which was 10 MPN/100ml. These numbers are still acceptable for bathing since they are below 35 MPN/100ml.
July 7th: All sites were negative for pathogens EXCEPT the Route 35 Bridge site which was 20 MPN/100ml and 2nd Street in Perth Amboy which was 41 MPN/100ml. The Perth Amboy site is considered unsafe for swimming as it is above 35 MPN/100ml.
July 11th: All sites were negative for pathogens except: Port Monmouth, Cliffwood Beach, and Rt. 35 Bridge in Perth Amboy. All sites were below 35 MPN/100ml and considered safe for swimming.
July 18th: All sites are considered safe to swim in (in fact they were all 20 MPN/100 ml or under, which is great considering the rain) EXCEPT: Rt. 35 Street Bridge in Perth Amboy, which was 63 MPN/100 ml and 2nd Street in Perth Amboy, which was 108 MPN/100ml!
August 1st: Port Monmouth, Keyport, Cliffwood Beach, and Paul’s Beach all came back negative for pathogens. Keansburg, Fisherman’s Beach, and all 3 Perth Amboy sites came back positive. To be considered swimmable the test must come back at 35 MPN/100mls or less. Rt. 35 Bridge was 3,448 MPN/100MLS!!! 2nd Street and the Yacht Club in Perth Amboy were each in the 400s. Stay out of those waters!!
August 8th: All sites are safe for swimming.
August 15th: All sites were negative this week except Route 35 Bridge and 2nd Street in Perth Amboy, which were 10 MPN/100 mls so still swimmable if you wanted to!
August 29th: All sites are safe for swimming
September 6: Most sites tested positive for pathogens and are NOT safe for swimming including Port Monmouth, Keansburg, Keyport, Cliffwood Beach, Fishermen’s Beach in South Amboy and 2nd Street in Perth Amboy. The only sites safe for swimming are Paul’s Beach in Old Bridge, Rt. 35 Bridge in Perth Amboy, and Raritan Yacht Club in Perth Amboy.
September 22: All sites were negative EXCEPT: Keyport (only slightly elevated at 41MPN/100mls), Cliffwood Beach, and Fisherman’s Beach in South Amboy (high at 591MPN/100mls
September 26: All sites were either negative or below the 35MPN/100ml threshold (Cliffwood Beach, Fisherman’s Beach, and 2nd St. in Perth Amboy were 20MPN/100mls).
October 3: All sites are safe for swimming except for Keansburg
All results are conditional. Learn more here. Questions? Contact Meredith Comi.
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