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Advocacy & Legal Campaigns

Over the last 45 years, the Clean Water Act and other federal environmental laws have dramatically reduced pollution across the United States. Before these protections, the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary was abused and damaged by industrial uses: pollution from sewage, run-off and other sources; inappropriate development; and other abuses of the waterways and surrounding land.

Since 1989, NY/NJ Baykeeper has used the power of advocacy and law to stop water pollution and bring polluters into compliance with citizen enforcement. With the help of our supporters, we will continue this work, especially as several of our elected leaders including the President of the United States, fueled by campaign contributions, try to scale back laws safeguarding our water to swim, drink, and fish in.

NY/NJ Baykeeper’s Advocacy Program successes are made possible by our funders:

Environmental Endowment for New Jersey, Inc.

Fund for New Jersey

New Jersey Audubon Society

New Jersey League of Conservation Voters

Victoria Foundation

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation