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Governor Cuomo Blocks NYC’s Bag Law

February 16, 2017

We are deeply disappointed with Governor Cuomo’s decision to nullify New York City’s bag. The bag law was scheduled to go into effect today and would have encouraged consumers to bring their own reusable bag to avoid a five cent fee and prevent plastic waste from littering neighborhoods and waterways. Instead, the Council is forced to postpone moving forward with a new bill for one year. While today’s moratorium is a setback for local victories and our environment, New York City’s Bag It Coalition is not going away. NY/NJ Baykeeper will continue working with coalition partners and local and state officials to address plastic waste from entering our waterways. We hope in the near future, New York City will join other cities who have reduced plastic waste by implementing no-brainer carryout bag fees.

Even though the bag law has been blocked this time around, you can still BYO bag to help prevent plastic waste!

Sandra Meola, Communications and Outreach Associate, NY/NJ Baykeeper.