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Demand Justice for Communities Facing Industrial Pollution

Demand Justice for Communities Facing Industrial Pollution


June 14, 2017′

We need your help NOW to fight for your communities victimized by industrial pollution.

Within the Christie Administration’s budget proposal, no matter how much money our state wins in damages from corporate polluters to restore natural resources, the amount going to restore impacted communities is capped at $50 million.  The State of New Jersey can then direct the remaining money to the General Fund to use for unrelated costs.

To put this into perspective, Exxon Mobil is required to pay $225 million for damages to the environment in Northern New Jersey. Only $50 million of this sum will be dedicated to investing back into impacted communities with parks, waterfront access and habitat restoration.   These communities have lived too long with the pollution and deserve justice.

Call your Senator and Assembly members TODAY and ask them to introduce a budget amendment that would remove this cap and  dedicate 100% of Natural Resource Damages settlements to repair communities damaged by pollution. But hurry! The budget is expected to be finalized next week.

Click here for your elected officials’ contact information.

Together, we can win justice for communities facing industrial pollution if enough of us speak up.

Join us today!

Thank you for all that you do for our waterways.

NY/NJ Baykeeper