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Become a Member Today!

Become a Member Today!

YOU and your community benefit when you are informed by science. From climate change to water quality testing to wetland restoration to green infrastructure, we all profit from the advancements of scientific research and restoration. I’m asking you to make the commitment to protect, preserve, and restore your community by becoming a member today and help to continue our work as leaders of research and restoration in the NY-NJ Harbor.

In recent years, because of the support of your community, NY/NJ Baykeeper has implemented the first of its kind plastics pollution report and living shoreline in the Raritan Bay, a major waterbody in one of the most urban estuaries in the world.

NY/NJ Baykeeper conducts our work without political or private-sector interference and communicates our findings to the public and scientific peers to better inform research and public policy across the country. Please join me in creating a NY-NJ Harbor Estuary where an unencumbered strong scientific base serves the public interest.

Your donation of $50, $100, or even $250 today will go to making sure research continues in your local waterways.

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