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5 Ways to Have a Plastic-Free Holiday and Reusable New Year

5 Ways to Have a Plastic-Free Holiday and Reusable New Year
December 15, 2016
Seasons Greetings ya’ll! Between holiday parties and grabbing something quick to eat in between shopping, single-use plastics are everywhere this time of year!
Plastic bags, bottles, straws, and utensils are among the most common items we find at our cleanups. These items make their way to our waterways, never biodegrade, and severely impact aquatic life. ICYMI, check out CNN’s portrayal of our plastic pollution problem here. 
Before we get too doom and gloom, there are many small-scale solutions that you can incorporate in your every day life to prevent plastic pollution from entering our waterways!
1. Shopping for your holiday meals? Bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store to avoid plastic bags at checkout. Check out EcoBags for shopping, produce, and lunch bags. 
2. Reusable bags can be used for more than just groceries. Bring them with you when you’re shopping for gifts! This will be the new norm soon so why not join the trend?! 
3. Getting drinks with friends? When ordering, request “no straw please” to your server. If you prefer to have a straw, Glass Dharma sells great glass straws!
4. It may be tempting to bring a plastic water bottle with you everywhere this busy time of year. Try a reusable NY/NJ Baykeeper aluminum bottle instead! Contact Meredith D. at 732-888-9870 ext 4 or email her to purchase yours for just $15.
5. Shopping definitely works up an appetite. Remember to pack your reusable utensils to hit the food court with! Bring them from home or you can get your own set at To-Go Ware here. 
Read more about NY/NJ Baykeeper’s Plastic Pollution Prevention campaign here. 
Sandra Meola
Communications and Outreach Associate